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If you are here now, it means you are a gamer like us. Carlos Duty is an online store where you can find only merchandise related to the world of Call of Duty, in one place for the best price. Would you like to be the first trying one of the Call of Duty games or merchandise? Then you are in the right place.

You have all the Call of Duty video games here, from its beginnings to the last game so far.
Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and more, what are you waiting to see everything you find here?

We bring you from t-shirts to keychains and much more, maybe you will find the perfect gift here.

If you think you know all the products in the world of Call of Duty, we invite you to visit this category.


Up to date news and most relevant information about the Call of Duty franchise. In this section you will find the most recent updates about the games and merchandise.